ECU Training Standard

Logic and strategy of the function of the ECU – Diesel Engines
Personal Training

Training Program

Attending the training course “Standard” once acquire all the knowledge to fully understand the logic and strategy of the function of the ECU.

This level allows once to start quickly the reprogramming of the control units, as the most popular families Bosch, Siemens and Marelli, for diesel engines.

The training course does not include the use of a specific SW program for the remapping of the ECU but it is “general” independent from which type of SW once use.

At the end of this course the knowledge acquired permit, if in possession of an adequate equipment, to operate immediately with excellent results.

Recommended for both beginners and experts, as even experienced users, while working for a long time, often do not know the basic logic, but rely only on the practice without the important help of the theoretical.

The course is individual, no group !!!

Arguments Training “Standard”

  • Functions inside the ECU
  • Logic of transmission of information from the sensor to the actuator
  • The Eprom memories
  • Serial and conventional modification
  • Checksum (linear and algorithm)
  • Structure of the maps
  • Identification of the maps and their position
  • Creation of the own Map-Pack
  • Map Correction
  • Torque Limiter
  • Techniques for remapping of turbo diesel engines
  • Families Bosch EDC 16/EDC 16+ e EDC17 Tri Core Cpu (Anti-Tuning)
  • Families Siemens & Marelli
  • BDM Interface
  • OBDII programming
  • Eventual practical exercises
  • Indications for the products actually available on the market

IB Tronic


IB Tronic is official partner from EVC electronic GmbH and it's authorized from EVC for training of the correct use of WinOLS


  • Training for Electro-Mechanics
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • ECU Remapping
  • Performance and Fuel Saving

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